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What is GoodDay

Createch Group launches GoodDay, the first project management and collaboration platform that combines behavioral science and technology to organize, motivate, and improve productivity in any workplace, from startup to enterprise. GoodDay is a tool for teams that embrace agility, welcome change, and look for ways to improve the results of their work every day. This cloud-based software is easy to use and will be up and running for the company of any size within minutes.

GoodDay is designed to solve common organization and productivity challenges. It helps getting organized and staying organized even when the workload is high and priorities change. GoodDay improves communication between team members and departments and ensures that nothing is lost. The intelligent platform makes transparency the default state of affairs even in large companies with complex organization structure.

GoodDay is based on the principles that successfully run businesses share. These principles include transparency, communication, accountability, motivation, recognition of achievement, agility, and positive culture. GoodDay automates key aspects of day-to-day work and helps users see what is really going on with projects, tasks and performance. The innovative automation features also ensure that everyone knows what to do at any point in time.

Teams using GoodDay get access to productivity and performance analytics they would have never had with any other tool. Business Intelligence module processes every interaction and action to analyze teams’ communication, collaboration, responsiveness, bottlenecks, level of organization and planning and more. Big Screens are key to success and bring teams together around the concepts of transparency, accountability, achievement recognition and motivation.

Start using GoodDay now. It is free forever for companies with up to 50 users, and getting started will only require a quick email signup.

Planning, organization, execution and new ideas happen all at once for non-stop progress.


Break up organizational silos to unlock the full potential of your team in an open, collaborative environment.

Focus on results

Let autonomy, accountability and achievement recognition drive your team motivation to reach the goals.

Big Screens

Transparency is the universal solution to eliminate excuses, procrastination, information silos, lack of responsibility, motivation and recognition.

Place a Big Screen in every team area in your office. Decide what needs to be on each Screen to inspire positive change.

The way you need it

Powered with custom workflows, priorities, task types and access levels, GoodDay gives you the flexibility to build your own workspace.

Plan and execute in the same place

Visualize your high-level planning and communicate a clear roadmap to all stakeholders.

Feel connected


Positive team culture built on trust, open communication, and peer support.

Reports Infographics

GoodDay reinvents reporting and transforms your work data into interactive visual summaries that provide meaningful business insights.

Status in real time

Organize the most important things into status boards to monitor progress and updates in real time.

The most valuable resource

GoodDay's Business Intelligence module automatically tracks and analyzes all efforts even without traditional time reporting.

50 users free. No expiration